About An Chroi

Our mission at An Chroi- South Sligo Enterprise Centre, is to provide a co -working facility that is heart of business and heart of the local community”

An Chroi is a First Stop Shop for supporting new businesses, through access to information, advice, shared working space and other services tailored to suit client needs. An Chroi is also heart of the community and supports initiatives that are core to the well being and togetherness of the local population

 To support this mission our core values are: 

  • Local – we pride ourselves in promoting and supporting local sustainable business and community initiatives.
  • Friendly – we will always treat all tenants and guests to An Chroi in a friendly, helpful manner
  • Professional – we will ensure that at all times the staff will act in a professional manner and the centre will always promote high quality standards.
  • Now – we operate with a sense of, flexibility, urgency and discipline for client’s needs.